• What Is Landwell Intelligent Key Management Solution
    Post time: Sep-14-2021

    How to manage the keys and valuables easily? How to ensure the safety of them? How to be in control of the circulation of keys? How to replace the register of given-out keys? How to relieve the porter from the nuisance of handling the ...Read more »

  • An intelligent vehicle order management system solution for car rental
    Post time: Aug-26-2021

    Key management is usually scattered and trivial. Once the number of keys increases, the difficulty and cost of management will increase exponentially. The traditional drawer-type key management model takes up a lot of time and ener...Read more »

  • Advantages of face recognition for key access
    Post time: Aug-23-2021

    In the security & protection system, the access control system is a very important branch. There are two main types of methods currently used: one is that the visitor has a certain key that allows access or an integrated card (ID) to prove his identity, and the other...Read more »

  • Landwell Smart Key Control System Solution For Car Dealer
    Post time: Apr-14-2021

    Electronic key management for customer satisfaction and control Car business is a big and important transaction. The customer buying cars must be the focus and there is no time for time-consuming key management. It is important that everything flows professionally and sm...Read more »

  • Hospital solution hospital key management system
    Post time: Dec-14-2020

    At present, many hospitals’ pharmacies and wards do not pay enough attention to the medicines management. The medicines are not classified and kept which can not find the one who is charge for them; the key management personnel of the medicine storage area opens the door at will to get the medic...Read more »

  • Typical application case of Intelligent Key Management Cabinet
    Post time: Nov-25-2020

    Typical application case of Intelligent Key Management Cabinet ——Jin Bei Group Co., Ltd. In Cambodia General Information Company Name:  Jinbei Group Co., Ltd. Address: Sihanouk Province,...Read more »

  • Vehicle Solutions – Education industry
    Post time: Nov-25-2020

    More and more universities and educational institutions need to provide scalable and cost-effective services to their staff and students. Universities and educational institutions Health care organizations in educational institutions are under constant pressure as they ...Read more »

  • High-end hotel solutions
    Post time: Nov-25-2020

    This year's corona epidemic has brought a great impact to the global tourism and expo industry, especially the hotel industry.​​ The hotel managers are faced with safety issues, how to improve the hotel’s operating efficiency and at the same time impose a commission on t...Read more »

  • Office Solutions for Small and medium-sized Enterprises
    Post time: Nov-25-2020

    A enterprise or company usually has multiple business departments, such as Administration Department, Financial Department, Operation and Maintenance Department, Logistics Fleet and Security Department. There are also many office rooms such as Office, Meeting Room, Recep...Read more »